Envisioning the Future

All the recent discussion on the OZTL_NET list (for information professionals) about the political climate and future of TLs in various states in Australia can put a real scare in the hearts of those of us studying to become TLs. I think the hardest thing for us is to envisage how we will fit in in the future. We are gaining skills but don’t know what our professional landscape will look like.

How wonderful to find places that if not exactly ‘maps’ are at least ‘tourist brochures’ with a few snapshots of what we might expect to be doing and dealing with.

One of the best places I’ve found is asseslindoiron wiki
entitled New Literacies, New Libraries, New Learners: Information and Ideas on School Libraries 2.0 – they have videos, slide presentations and academic papers that are exciting, challenging and comforting

There is a big future out there for TLs – I’m beginning to see it more clearly and am as excited as ever to be a part of it.


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