Web 2.0 Toys to Dazzle

I’mĀ  between semesters of study and this is a perfect time to widen my repertoire of Web 2.0 gadgets.

Here are a couple I’ve been ‘playing’ with that seem worth further investigation and use.

Amaztype is a typographic book search. Enter in a keyword and Amazon.com will find and display books on that topic in the shape of your entered keyword. Hover your mouse over the books to view details of them. Click on one to be transported to its entry on Amazon.com. The application seems to keep stacking the books up without end so don’t wait for it to finish. I generated the Seuss photo below taking a print screen once the books filled all the gaps in the letters then openedĀ  and cropped it in my Paint program. (click on the photo, it’ll give you a much clearer look).

I then took it to another great web application Block Poster to blow it up for the wall in our library (I did Seuss across four A4 sheets). The resolution is a bit low but When you stand back, it looks alright.

I haven’t used Block Poster on any high resolution pictures yet but am thinking about giving some photos of students working in the library a go. Photos to follow!

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