Getting to Know Search Engines – A Useful Guidebook

Photo Courtesy: fotologic on Flickr Creative Commons:

Photo Courtesy: fotologic on Flickr Creative Commons:

Just like any other journey it is always helpful to have a guidebook to consult. It makes things that little bit more pleasant to have some information from someone who’s been there ahead of you and knows a bit about what it’s like.

So I was pleased to come across this wonderful and concise Guidebook to Internet Searching.Everything is explained in laymans’ terms and in highly readable format.

The Introduction covers the basics of search commands then covers the big search engines before going into specific types of searches including: people, products, images, videos and several others including one I’d never thought of before – real time searches which picks up on ‘buzz’ as it happens online!

Each section has screen shots, explains how the search engines work, advantages, tips and often has links to articles that explain further.

A great guide to dip into when you’d like to try something new.

And as an aside and a word of caution: I read about it on MakeUseOfGuides onĀ — before you click on the link be prepared to re-surface hours later — it’s one of those fascinating sites!

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