Behaving nicely

Last term, I noticed a gradual deterioration in behaviour in library sessions. I wondered if the students were feeling less engaged with me because I’ve been studying and so not doing as much CRT work. They really only see me one day a week now, unless I stop by the classrooms on the other day I work or if they come into the library during breaks or after school. So I’m still looking at classroom management ideas especially for transition times.

One day a week our school has Specialists day — named Swap Around Day by the kids. After lunch, the students rotate every 40 minutes between music, library, and sport. As you can imagine by the time the next group arrives at the library, they are hot, tired or revved up from whatever the previous activity has been. It’s been taking too long to settle into lesson/program I’ve planned and with only a 40 minute time slot, I don’t want to waste anymore of it than necessary.

I watched this video from Edutopia the other week, was impressed by the maths teacher’s idea of shaking hands and reviewing ideas with students as they come in to class. I tried something similar at my last library session of the term and while the children had a few surprised looks on their faces, it worked very well. We didn’t review anything, just politely greeted each with a smile, handshake and a ‘nice to see you, how are you’. This really seems to stop all the silliness at the door and the personal contact including eye contact seemed to lessen inappropriate behaviours once through the door. I’ll be interested to see how this goes long-term. I will begin to use it as a time to review cybersafety rules etc. once we settle into this term.

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