Quick Update on iPod Learning

Things have been quiet on the blog because I’m currently half-way through my practical placement for uni. I’ll blog about it at a later date but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out journalling my progress with the iPod Touch. Much of the professional literature emphasises that teachers should get plenty of opportunity to familiarize themselves with iPods and what can be done with them. This is common sense advice I willing to indulge in.
I’ve used the earphones with mic now in several library sessions while discussing meanings of text and have found that the mic is quite powerful – able to pick up nearly any child’s voice in a group setting as long as they are speaking at a normal volume. It’s been very useful to replay these sessions to prepare for further discussion and to record remarks for later writing activities with the youngest students.

I’ve been loading, assessing (and in many cases deleting) various educational apps that I’ve run across in readings or have had recommended by people. So far I’ve kept:

  • Etch-a-sketch,
  • BrainPop,
  • iTalk,
  • iChoose, and
  • StoryKit.

I’ve also downloaded Juxio and iKindle Reader apps but haven’t had a chance to explore their potential yet. The sheer number of apps out there is overwhelming and Louise Duncan in her video (see previous blog entry) recommended building a toolbox of review sites to help with selection of appropriate, quality apps. I intend to do this and will set it up on a seperate page of this blog.

I’ve also purchased a Nike sensor for measuring and recording your fitness routines (walking/running). I’m still familiarizing myself with all the bells and whistles of this accessory, but can see a lot of value in it for getting kids active and measuring distances, speed, calories burned etc.

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