New Year, New Journey

Flickr CC photo by mira66

Flickr CC photo by mira66

My formal education is finished (convocation is in March) and I will be starting two new jobs next week, but as an avid life-long learner this TL is still ‘under construction’. I expect 2011 to bring on many opportunities to grow and experience and in order to get the maximum benefit from those experiences I have resolved to┬áset professional learning goals for myself. There are of course many web tools that will help you to set goals and stay on track. The one that I’ve used for personal goals and will now use for professional ones as well is 43 Things. In it you can:

  • set yearly resolutions
  • set long-term goals
  • set up email reminders to yourself to motivate progress
  • write entries and include pictures about your goals (and post to blog, facebook, twitter)
  • receive comments
  • follow others (friends or people with common goals)
  • send motivational ‘cheers’ to people as they mark goals or make progress

Both fun and motivating! You can look me up, I’ve opened up a new account for my professional goals as catinthelibrary. All the best for 2011 and for obtaining your professional goals.

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