The Ups and Downs of Getting eSmart

_Get_eSmart_vsc_headingSince my last post I’ve been working away on the College’s Digital Citizenship site – now called Get eSmart-vsc — in readiness for the proposed launch date of June 21st. Plans for a cybersafety information evening were already in the works so launching it at the same time makes perfect sense. I’m still adding content ¬†and am pleased with the direction it is taking. After further reflecting on the idea of empowerment, the student section now has a page for students to contribute content. I’ve already had one student review a novel with cyberbullying as one of its theme. She discusssed her higher awareness of the issue since reading the book. I hoping to add video of students discussing their opinion of the upcoming Cyberdetectives sessions.

In the meantime this week had its ups and downs in the promotional arena.

As part of CyberSecurity Week, our principal was approached by ABC to talk about the latest Facebook issue – local school goss sites springing up. He was one of a group of principals who was alerted to them and took action. He agreed to the interview and also said it would be useful to talk to our Head of library as the Library team were the Cybersafety/Education specialists at the school. ABC came out and interviewed our Head TL at length and she showed them around our Digital Citizenship site and talked about our program at school. Hooray!! we were all thinking – some much needed publicity on the importance of TLs in schools and what we can do. Sadly, when the segment was aired, the story’s focus was firmly on ‘baddies preying on our young people’ and pretty much skimmed over the measures schools take to educate their students – TLs, websites or otherwise.

The upside is our website efforts have been noticed and shared on the “Digital Citizenship in Schools” page on Facebook, managed by Judy O’Connell one of the lecturers at CSU for the School of Information Studies, Faculty of Education.

Getting the word out about what 21st Century TLs do is a constant part of our profession. And while we didn’t make it to national current affairs this time, I am satisfied that one journalist/presenter spent 30 minutes talking with our Head TL and learned something of what we do. The information has been passed on and you never know — it may come to fruition somewhere down the track.

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