Get eSmart VSC Promotion Plans

Our high school’s digital citizenship website is now up and running! Please check out Get eSmart VSC

We were meant to have a launch on the Cybersafety information evening and so we did of sorts. Unfortunately it was ‘a dark and stormy night” on June 21st — it bucketed down and there were rumours of snow up on the mountain so we were pleased that even 25 – 30 people made the effort to come out. The speakers from ‘Think U Know” were good but as often is the case things ran overtime so we were only able to show our site at the end to a crowd who wanted to be on their way home. So not exactly how I’d envisaged it but it got me thinking that like having a baby or planning a wedding, it’s not all over on the ‘big day’. There is much to do afterwards if you want your site/child/marriage to be a success.

So now we’ve been putting our heads together in the Library to continue our plans for promoting the website to the community.

  • One of the early plans I made was to choose a blog site that allowed us to collect statistics. Its really important to be able to see if /what people are looking at on the site and how often they are visiting.
  • I also got my talented son to tweak the header of the page as I wasn’t 100% happy with it. We’ve had a lot of compliments on the new lean, clean look.


  • We had a quick print place run off a batch of postcards (500) with the same pic/wording on the front as the site’s header with the URL. We’ve been giving them out to the teachers at school, talking to them one-by-one, highlighting the benefits for them and asking for suggestions for additions.
  • We’ll be promoting the site to the students as well. We want to have student input on the site and I’ve just set up Poll Daddy so we can have short polls running in the sidebar. Interaction is something we really want to build upon.
  • The primary schools in the area have also been notified of the site (several of the people at the Cybersafety site were from the primary school). We’ve created a page for them and have let them know that we’re ¬†happy to include items from them too. Our Head of Library will take more promotional cards with her to the cluster meetings and continue to promote the site.
  • We’ve had links to the webpage added to the newsletter, the school’s website and the school’s Moodle page.

We’ll continue to add items and tips to the front page, and I am currently thinking about the optimal frequency at which this should happen. Too often and it can overwhelm people, not often enough and they will forget about the site.

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