Life’s Little Essentials

There are some places that this TL-under-construction likes to haunt and some sites this TL-under-construction likes to make good use of. Perhaps you might enjoy them too =)

The Hub: campaign for quality school libraries in Australia

James Herring’s Blog: one of the teachers from my course. His specialty and main focus of his blog is on Information Literacy.

Noodle Tools

Down Right Now: monitors and reports on the status of the big services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I love the little graphs and takes that doubt away – is it just me or is this site not working?

Common Craft Show


Snopes — for busting those annoying urban myths and email scams

Bookcrossing — turning the whole world into a library

Animoto — make slide shows with real pizzazz

Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling – essays and reviews on new digital narratives

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