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I’m an active member of GoodReads and enjoy taking up reading challenges. It keeps things fresh and its fun to see and discuss what others think about all kinds of books.

Some of the challenges I’m currently reading for:

Canada Reads 2011: True Stories

This is a bit tricky because many of the finalist choices this year are hard to get ahold of in Australia but I’m happy to even read one of them.

I’ve found a copy of John Vaillant’s The Tiger: a true story of vengeance and survival. I would never have picked this up on my own but am absolutely glued to it now that I’ve started. See what I mean about keeping things fresh?

GoodReads 2011 Reading Challenge 

This is a challenge where you set the number of books and challenge yourself. I challenged myself to read 50 books and thought it shouldn’t be too tough — I’m sitting on target at the moment — 47 books with three weeks to go. Hmm. Not sure how that’s going to go.

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge
Catherinehasread 47 books toward her goal of 50 books.


While I finish my challenges for 2011, I already have my sights set on 2012. Next year is the National Year of Reading and what better way to celebrate than to read Australian Women Writers?

Australian Women Writers: A Reading Challenge  

So here’s the challenge for next year:

Challenge period:  1 January 2012 –  31 December 2012

Goal: Read and review books written by Australian women writers – hard copies, ebooks andaudiobooks, new, borrowed or stumbled upon by book-crossing.

Genre challenges: 
Purist: one genre only
Dabbler: more than one genre
Devoted eclectic: as many genres as you can find
Challenge levels:
Stella (read 3 and review at least 2 books)
Miles (read 6 and review at least 3*
Franklin-fantastic (read 10 and review at least 4 books)*
* The higher levels should include at least one substantial length review

I’m going for the Miles Challenge level (dabbler),  I’ve already cruised my shelves and found my six books:

  • The Poison Principle by Gail Bell
  • The Man who Loved Children by Christina Stead
  • Eona by Alison Goodman (loved the 1st book, Eon)
  • Black Juice by Margo Lanagan
  • The Grass Sisters by Gillian Mead
  • The Orchard by Drusilla Modjeska

Looking forward to discovering new favourites and revisiting some fantastic authors.




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